BIRCOsolid slot channels I Pfuhler System Z - Type K

Type K BIRCOsolid slot channels Pfuhler System Z are ideal for busy heavy-duty traffic areas and also meet the requirements for drainage of mildly aggressive agents. Even in the event of an accident, liquids posing a threat to water can be diverted and stored thanks to the slot channels’ large storage volume.

BIRCOsolid slot channels Pfuhler System Z - Type K I Facts

  • Slot channel system: DN 300, profile 300/400, with and without inbuilt falls
  • Official certification (No. Z-74.4-46)
  • Interrupted slot
  • Channels with outlets
  • Made of constructively reinforced C 40/50 concrete
  • Standard construction length: 4.0 metres
  • Load class: A 15 – F 900
  • Removable ductile iron grating cover for easy inspection of the sealing joint

BIRCOsolid slot channels Pfuhler System Z - Type K I Areas of application

  • Heavy-duty load areas with heavy traffic
  • Container terminals, aircraft operation areas, loading areas
  • Areas in which mildly aggressive liquids can leak, such as petrol stations, lorry loading areas
  • Storage, filling and transferring facilities for water-hazardous substances/Areas subject to water legislation

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